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  • Tim F. AvatarTim F.

    positive review  When you have better selection you end up with better results, happier with purchase and better looking reef tank...thattttt is... read more - 12/25/2019 

    Alex T. AvatarAlex T.

    positive review  I have known Afnan for 2 years and his store Candy Corals has the best coral in Canada. Excellent... read more - 3/19/2020 

    Candace S. AvatarCandace S.

    positive review  Very happy with my first purchase from Candy Corals. Beautiful pieces and great packaging! Will be ordering again! - 5/15/2020 

    Ashfaque K. AvatarAshfaque K.

    I consider myself very lucky to be around a reef vendor like Candy Corals. They bring in some of the... read more - 8/01/2018 

  • Keven P. AvatarKeven P.

    exellent service and the most beautiful corals in Canada, thank you very much! - 5/24/2018 

    Said A. AvatarSaid A.

    Candy Corals has the rarest corals around and I have purchased many high end pieces that were otherwise not available... read more - 2/07/2017 

    Ashley D. AvatarAshley D.

    positive review  EXCELLENT pack job and appreciate the freebie!! Coral quickly acclimated after a few hours 🙂 - 4/22/2020 

    Kunal T. AvatarKunal T.

    positive review  awesome collection of corals, very helpful staff. - 1/25/2020 

  • Bonnie C. AvatarBonnie C.

    positive review  I met Afnan at the London Fragfest earlier this year, picked up some beautiful scolies! Received my first mail... read more - 8/16/2018 

    Samantha W. AvatarSamantha W.

    positive review  Beautiful unique selection, personable and helpful. Great place to shop, online orders from another city have gone flawlessly. - 6/29/2020 

    Brian W. AvatarBrian W.

    positive review  Amazing store and great selection of corals. Afnan is always there and aims to please!! Well done - 12/28/2019 

    Tson D. AvatarTson D.

    positive review  You want something sweet go to candy store but if you really want some sweet stuffs for your eyes then... read more - 12/25/2019 

  • Bert D. AvatarBert D.

    positive review  Lots of selection and amazing healthy corals! - 12/19/2019 

    Dennis T. AvatarDennis T.

    positive review  amazing quality and amazing service - 8/25/2019 

    Mat M. AvatarMat M.

    positive review  Super friendly staff, beautiful store and coral that are pure fire🔥💥. - 6/15/2019 

    Tony M. AvatarTony M.

    The best in Canada! This one beats all the rest, keep it up Afnan ! - 5/04/2018 

  • Peter T. AvatarPeter T.

    positive review  Amazing packaging 👍🏼 very happy with my purchase and coloration is as posted. Will repeat for sure. - 4/23/2020 

    Misha P. AvatarMisha P.

    Got a xxl red carpet from candy corals. Shipped fast and packaged well. Anemone was healthy. The owner is extremely... read more - 7/15/2017 

    Jen E. AvatarJen E.

    positive review  Amazing store and selection. Customer service is the best around. Fast and friendly service with the prettiest corals and fish... read more - 12/27/2019 

    Guanting S. AvatarGuanting S.

    positive review  Great selection of the best corals. Nice store. A must go. - 12/25/2019 

  • Ryan P. AvatarRyan P.

    positive review  Stopped in here today for the first time. Just wow is all I can really say. So much to choose... read more - 12/05/2019 

    Lucy R. AvatarLucy R.

    I’ve dealt with vendors all over Canada and Afnan is no short of the best. He has a true passion... read more - 1/06/2018 

    Jamie A. AvatarJamie A.

    positive review  Most colourful corals around! - 12/25/2019 

    Steven J. AvatarSteven J.

    positive review  Super friendly and helpful staff, livestock extremely healthy and the store is immaculate. - 12/22/2019 

  • Sandra B. AvatarSandra B.

    positive review  I really love the variety of Zoas you carry!💕 - 12/25/2019 

    Tim T. AvatarTim T.

    positive review  Went in for the first time today. Picked up nice frags for a really good price, was greeted by everyone... read more - 3/07/2020 

    Dave B. AvatarDave B.

    positive review  Made my first purchase - 6 line wrasse showed up quickly and safely! Perfect packaging! Extremely happy -... read more - 5/15/2020 

    Maik F. AvatarMaik F.

    positive review  Just added my first time order to my tank, very well packaged including heat packs. Very impressed! Received confirmation emails... read more - 1/31/2020 

  • Peter I. AvatarPeter I.

    positive review  I ordered a Royal Gramma and a coral for shipping and when the package arrived I found the Gramma dead.
    read more - 6/11/2020 

    Peter R. AvatarPeter R.

    Got a beautiful rainbow brain coral from afnan along with a crapload of other goodies for an extremely reasonable price. - 1/29/2018 

    Matt D. AvatarMatt D.

    positive review  Everything! Super clean, super healthy fish and corals and the nicest corals to choose from. Also trust Afnan to only... read more - 12/18/2018 

    Coke L. AvatarCoke L.

    Great guy to work with! fantastic stuff always!
    Recommended to all my reef follows 🙂 - 8/02/2017 

  • Maria F. AvatarMaria F.

    positive review  Great selection. Lots of candy!!!!!!! - 12/25/2019 

    Connor G. AvatarConnor G.

    positive review  Always amazing service!
    Gorgeous coral and livestock, and top quality hardware!
    Go-to spot for both beginners and pro’s!

    They have...
    read more - 4/23/2020 

    Rory M. AvatarRory M.

    positive review  An amazing shop with some of the nicest coral I've ever seen! - 12/25/2019 

    George V. AvatarGeorge V.

    Awesome guy to deal with and A-1 corals! Thanks Afnan for all that you do! - 5/21/2017 

  • Jessica M. AvatarJessica M.

    positive review  Amazing stuff ,healthy corals ! Really good experience, fast and secure shipping ! Very good communication with the seller !... read more - 8/16/2018 

    Gary B. AvatarGary B.

    Straight up, honest, and 100% satisfied with every single piece that has been ordered. This is your one-stop shop for... read more - 2/07/2017 

    Imran S. AvatarImran S.

    Highest end corals and great prices with the best service. They back up their product and only sell the best. - 2/13/2017 

    Tanya B. AvatarTanya B.

    positive review  healthy and true To picture 😍👌 - 8/17/2018 

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