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Red Sea Max Nano G2 Peninsula with ReefLED50

Red Sea Max Nano G2 Peninsula with ReefLED50

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MAX NANOs come fully equipped with everything needed to sustain a reef aquarium, sparing you from dealing with component selection or compatibility.

Every piece of equipment incorporated in the system was designed on the basis
of Red Sea’s 30 years of research on the needs of corals in artificial environments, resulting in optimal coral growth and coloration.

MAX NANOs are ideal for first-timers who want to experience what it’s like
to grow their own corals, as well as advanced reefers interested in a tank
that won’t consume too much space or time.

The MAX NANO Peninsula is the same height and width as the MAX NANO Cube,
but its larger depth adds almost 40% more to the display space.
This additional depth keeps the reef compact, but provides more room for corals and allows for more impressive reefscapes.

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