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Red Sea REEFER 3XL 900 G2 Aquarium

Red Sea REEFER 3XL 900 G2 Aquarium

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REEFER™ systems have just gotten even larger. The REEFER triple X 900 (3XL 900), together with a new and improved configuration for the REEFER XXL 750 V3 systems, take reefkeeping to another dimension. 

With a net operating volume of 900 liter / 240 gal, the new REEFER 3XL 900 is an impressive reef system that provides unsurpassed depth and dimension to the reefscaping. 200cm / 79” long, and 65cm / 25.6” high and wide, the REEFER 3XL 900 gives hobbyists the freedom to create a truly spectacular reef.

Both the 3XL 900 and revised XXL 750 V3 are constructed using 19mm ultra-clear glass and sit on heavy-duty plywood cabinets with aluminum supports to ensure the longevity of the system.

To complement the 3XL 900, 4 units of Red Sea’s ReefLED® 90 or 3 units of ReefLED 160S lighting units will provide ideal lighting for a full SPS system while the REEFER 900 skimmer will maintain perfect water quality.

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