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Red Sea REEFER XL300 G2 Aquarium

Red Sea REEFER XL300 G2 Aquarium

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A new reefkeeping standard

Designed as the perfect reefscaping canvas, REEFER G2 tanks combine REEF-SPEC infrastructure with the freedom to install all your preferred hardware.

REEFER G2 systems come with a new and improved water management system,
extra-fortified cabinets and aquariums, ReefMat & refugium ready sumps, extended warranty plans, and are available in a wide variety of sizes, to fit any space.

REEFER G2 systems are also the ideal platform for the full “Red Sea Experience”,
combining our LED lighting, wave pumps, dosers, and filtration devices into one smart, synchronized eco-system operated via the ReefBeat App.


Display tank length: 90cm/35.43in

Display tank height: 55cm/21.65in

Display tank width: 57.5cm/22.63in

Total system height: 142cm/55.90in

Total system water vol.: 300L/79.25gal

Display tank water vol.: 246L/64.98gal

In-cabinet sump water vol.: 54L/14.26gal

Ultra-clear front glass: 12mm/0.47in

Ultra-clear side glass: 12mm/0.47in

Bottom glass: 12mm/0.47in

Approximate weight of aquarium glass: 128 lbs

Approximate total weight of system including water: 1035 lbs

Recommended flow rate for return pump: 3000lph/790gph


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