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Neptune Systems Practical Multipurpose Utility Pump - PMUP

Neptune Systems Practical Multipurpose Utility Pump - PMUP

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  • 24V DC utility pump for Neptune Systems Apex aquarium controllers
  • Connects directly to your Apex Energy Bar 832 or 1LINK module
  • Versatile pump for use with any aquarium water movement need

Neptune Systems 24V DC utility pump boasts versatile use to satisfy your water movement needs. Neptune Systems Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump connects directly to the 24V accessory port on the Neptune Systems EB832 Energy Bar 832 or Neptune Systems 1LINK Module for convenient pump installation. Great pump for an assortment of aquarium water movement needs including use as an ATO pump, reactor pump, return pump in nano aquarium and more.

Neptune Systems Energy Bar 832 with Built-In 1LINK and 24VDC Ports
The Energy Bar 832 (EB831) has a built-in 100W, 24VDC power supply that can control up to three Neptune Systems 1LINK products like the WAV and DOS. It also includes two switchable 24V DC on/off outlets that are compatible with any 24V device under 30W and Neptune Systems 24V accessories like the Practical Multi-purpose Utility Pump (PMUP).

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