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Korallen-Zucht Coral's Love

Korallen-Zucht Coral's Love

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A perfect problem solver to immediately help damaged corals!

KZ's Coral's Love acts quickly to provide direct nutrients needed for regenerating bleached or damaged corals. The nutrients have the added benefit of deepening coral coloration, increasing growth rates, and preventing nutritional deficiencies. Suitable for all kinds of corals-- SPS, LPS, Softies, Horn, and more!

  • Aids in fast recovery from damage
  • Deepens coloration
  • Increases growth rates
  • Prevents malnutrition
  • Supports and enhances reef aquarium biology

Instructions for use:

Shake well before use. Dose 1mL of Coral's Love per 100L of aquarium water every other day for general nutrient support. Dose daily when coral damage is present.

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