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ITC Reefculture PARwise

ITC Reefculture PARwise

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Understand your lighting

ITC Reefculture was born out of a desire to create unique and functional tools for all levels of aquarist. Tools and accessories to help us all keep our aquariums and the inhabitants in better shape. Livestock welfare is at the core of our business whether that be helping to produce tools for those who wish to spawn corals, frag them, or stop pests! PARwise is our latest tool which ends the questions of what setting should my lights be on, whether that be brightness, colour (spectrum) or photoperiod. PARwise empowers you to make the right decisions over your lighting settings and to share and discuss lighting in great depth with the aquatics community, with accuracy – whether your organism is aquatic or not!

What is it?

PARwise is a unique light meter with the ability to measure spectrum. It can be used underwater and in air. It gives you all of the relevant lighting measurements required to make informed decisions.

What it measures?

PARwise measures ‘PAR’ (PPFD – Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density µMol/m2/s), Kelvin (Colour temperature), LUX, Spectrum, DLI (Daily Light Integral), Peak Wavelength, Hue (as colour)

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