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IceCap Magnetic Kalkwasser Mixing Reactor

IceCap Magnetic Kalkwasser Mixing Reactor

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No More Broken Stir Bars or Replacing Expensive Mixing Pumps!

Kalkwasser is one of the oldest and reliable ways to add calcium and alkalinity from a single solution and using a reactor makes the addition of a kalkwasser solution easier. The IceCap Magnetic Kalkwasser Reactor uses a magnetic stirrer to accomplish the mixing of the solution, which means you will never have to clean or replace an expensive mixing pump ever again, and also cuts the maintenance down to bare minimums. 

  • Adjustable Speed Magnetic Stirrer
  • Push-Connect Fittings
  • Made of PVC and Acrylic
  • Quick-Fill Cap For Adding Kalk
  • Gravity Drain System For Consistent Doses
  • Sealed Environment Keeps the Kalkwasser Potent 
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