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HYDROS Minnow Aquarium Controller

HYDROS Minnow Aquarium Controller

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HYDROS Minnow, Aquarium Monitoring with Twin Micro Dosing Pumps
The HYDROS Minnow features two independent micro-liquid dosing pumps for precise dosing of your preferred liquid supplements, including two-part and trace elements. This highly versatile controller can effortlessly handle essential functions for maintaining a healthy aquarium. With just one HYDROS Minnow, you can dose two separate liquids and four sense port accessories like temperature sensors, flow, TDS monitoring, leak detection, and more.

Whether you have a saltwater aquarium, freshwater tank, or pond, the Minnow can be a standalone controller or seamlessly integrated into other HYDROS Controls to create a more comprehensive system. Operating on a HYDROS Safety Net and boasting an IP65 rating, this controller ensures that your equipment and aquatic life thrive in a safe and secure environment. Moreover, all HYDROS products are meticulously engineered, assembled, and supported in the USA.

Minnow Includes:

  • Minnow Controller
  • Power Supply
  • Two (2) 10ft Color Dosing Tubing
  • Calibration Beaker

Minnow Specifics 

Dimensions (LxWxH): 6 x 6 1/4 x 2 1/2in
Tubing Size (IDxOD): 3 x 5mm
Pump Set Speeds: -55, -45, -25, 25, 40, 55 (ml/min)

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