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HYDROS Kraken 24V Power Center

HYDROS Kraken 24V Power Center

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The Kraken introduces a new concept in aquarium controllers and provides high-power 24V DC switched outputs and a large heavy-duty power supply. This allows “power bricks” and “wall warts” to be removed from aquarium systems, significantly reducing wire clutter.

*Cables required; sold separately.

The Ultimate Aquarium Power Manager for System Critical Equipment

The HYDROS Kraken is an eight (8) Force Port (24V DC) energy center and controller hybrid specifically designed to replace the power supplies of equipment like flow pumps, return pumps, and LED lights. Each individually controlled Force Port is built into the HYDROS controller for the highest level of security. The Kraken has an external industrial-grade Mean Well power supply with a 20amp/480w max power capacity, and it is designed to pass ETL/UL certification. Besides powering on and off the controllable Force Ports, the Kraken also has four 12V Drive Ports for cabinet lighting, auto-top-off (ATO) pumps, and solenoids. The HYDROS Kraken is passively cooled, and the controller runs silently with its isolated power circuitry. Best of all, the eight Force Ports offer individual power monitoring.

Besides reducing the amount of 24V power bricks lying around the aquarium, the HYDROS Kraken is also a fully functioning HYDROS system controller capable of taking over intelligent decisions based on the status of other HYDROS devices within the Collective. The two HYDROS Command Bus Ports on the Kraken allow for a wired connection to any other HYDROS controller to form a collective of all Controls for the ultimate failsafe system. Control and monitor your Kraken power center from anywhere in the world using the technologically advanced HYDROS cloud-based app. The Kraken can also monitor and wireless control up to eight HYDROS WiFi devices.

Features of the HYDROS Kraken

  • Power up to 20 amps of system-critical life support equipment
  • Eliminates clutter by removing the need for eight individual 24V power supplies
  • Measures the current flowing to each connected device and can detect over or under current conditions, alerting the user with alarms
  • Allows the user to switch each output on or off based on various HYDROS parameters such as temperature, flow rate, and more
  • The Kraken is a full brain that can share and take over the decision-making of a HYDROS Collective
  • Control up to eight WiFi devices like fish feeders, smart outlets, and even additional WiFi power strips
  • Command Bus Port provides power to add redundancy power to your HYDROS Collective
  • Designed to pass ETL/UL Certification
  • Universal voltage works with both 110 and 220V
  • External Industrial Grade Mean Well Super Brick
  • No noisy fans; the Kraken is entirely passively cooled
  • Optical isolation between the power circuitry and the control circuitry. This provides safety failure and isolates the control circuitry to reduce noise.
  • Engineered, built, and supported in the USA.

Kraken Specifications

  • Max Per Force Port: 8A
  • Total Max Power: 20A/480W
  • Dimensions  9.5 x 4.75 x 3.2 (LxWxH)
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