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HYDROS iV Isolated Testing Vessel

HYDROS iV Isolated Testing Vessel

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Isolation is the Key to Accurate Tests

About HYDROS iV Drive Port Accessory

For precise pH and Conductivity readings, utilize the HYDROS iV. This add-on ensures that the test sample is physically separated, preventing any electronic interference from other equipment in the aquarium system. This guarantees more reliable data by eliminating any potential issues. Made in the USA utilizing additive manufacturing techniques. 

iV Key Features

  • Isolates pH and Conductivity Readings from the Aquarium for Interference-free Measurement*
  • Automatic Alkalinity Testing*
  • Mixes Test Sample
  • Stable Tabletop Base and Surface Mountable
  • Directly Power by HYDROS Drive Port

iV Includes:

  • iV Base Unit
  • Two Probe Holders
  • Four Acrylic Rods for Attaching Tubing
  • Mixing Pill
  • 150mL Glass Beaker

*Dosing pump(s), controller, pH, and conductivity probes are not included and are sold separately.

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