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Fauna Marin DIY Refill + 50mL Bacto Blend ATO

Fauna Marin DIY Refill + 50mL Bacto Blend ATO

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DIY-Refill + Bacto Reef Blend

Automatic water level control for all types of aquaria

On nano tanks, the water loss through evaporation is very high and the continuous refilling by hand can cause problems, especially during a short absence. The evaporation increases the salt density in the tank, which puts the tank inhabitants under stress.

This automatic, current-free refill system is the perfect addition to your small to medium-sized aquarium. With the DIY Refill you can safely refill evaporated water. Due to the high quality it is suitable for marine and freshwater aquaria. The DIY Refill set also contains a bottle of high-quality filter bacteria, Bacto ReefBlend, for automatic dosing into the tank via refill system. The constant supply of the solution via the refill system is ideal for optimizing the efficiency of the filter bacteria contained in the solution and increasing their effectiveness. The bacteria support the natural biofilm and ensure a clean aquarium.

 The DIY Refill system can be easily installed on glass panes with 3-10 mm wall thickness in just a few steps, and operation is particularly safe because it works without electricity. We deliver the DIY Refill with a bottle adapter. So bottles with a capacity of up to 2 l can be used as a reservoir.


  • 1 x Fauna Marin Refill
  • 1 x silicone hose 4-6 mm
  • 1 x adapter for bottles up to 2 l
  • 3 x spacers for the appropriate glass thickness
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