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Tropic Marin High Precision Hydrometer

Tropic Marin High Precision Hydrometer

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High Precision Tropic Marin Hydrometer

High precision hydrometer for determining the specific gravity in aquariums

Many tank inhabitants are sensitive even to minor changes of the water conditions. For an exact, reliable measure of the specific gravity, Tropic Marin® offers a high-precision instrument. The hydrometer is handmade and designed to float vertically in the water. The maximum deviation is about 0.001 at 77° F (25° C).

How to use:

Float freely in any vessel of adequate volume (e.g. the Tropic Marin® MEASURING CYLINDER). For most exact results the temperature should be at 77° F (25° C).

The recommended range is about 1.025 to 1.027 – readable at the blue printing zone.

Please note: The salt content of sea water is usually measured as specific gravity. Please check for the blue printing and the indication “Specific Gravity” at the Tropic Marin® High Precision Hydrometer.

Some countries measure the salt content as “density”. Therefore Tropic Marin® offers a high precision Areometer, which has a green printing and the indication “Dichte/Density” (see Difference between density and relative density).

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