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Bulk GFO 1 Lb

Bulk GFO 1 Lb

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Granular Ferric Oxide for Phosphate Control in all Marine & Freshwater Aquaria


  • Directly and efficiently removes reactive phosphate from aquarium water.
  • Also removes silicate and phosphate-based organic material from aquarium water, often resulting in improved water clarity (particularly in aquaria with heavy bioloads).
  • Safe for use in all freshwater and marine aquaria, including planted and reef systems.

Technical Background

Phosphate, while required in miniscule amounts by living organisms for proper functioning, can indirectly negatively impact the overall appearance of an aquarium system if it is allowed to exist at a concentration measurable by most aquarium test kits (e.g. >0.05 ppm); in order for this impact to occur, other undesirable substances must be present in varying concentrations, however these substances are rarely limiting in the typical marine aquarium. Because of this, elevated phosphate concentrations, whether sporadic or chronic, should be combated. 

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