Marineland Precision Heater

Marineland Precision Heater

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Precision Submersible Heaters

Adjustable temperature dial clicks through each degree for accuracy

Thermal switch automatically turns off past max preset and resets once the temperature lowers

Advanced mica core heating element for efficient heat transfer and enhanced durability

Three window positions to view the temperature display

For Freshwater and Marine aquariums

cUL listed heater

Precision Submersible Heater Selection

Precision 50 – Up to 12 Gallons

Precision 75 – Up to 20 Gallons

Precision 100 – Up to 29 Gallons

Precision 150 – Up to 40 Gallons

Precision 200 – Up to 55 Gallons

Precision 250 – Up to 70 Gallons

Precision 300 – Up to 80 Gallons

Precision 400 – Up to 125 Gallons